Integration with Non-Asterisk PBX

I’m hoping someone has some experience with integrating Asterisk with other phone systems. I currently have a Comdial FX II phone system at my main facility and am expanding into a second facility. I would like to use the opportunity to set up Asterisk and VoIP phones - I’m currently looking at the Asterisk appliance.

The Comdial FX II has two VoIP options: 1) upgrade the CPU board to support SIP phones and network management, and 2) an add-in, 24-line VoIP card that’s supposed to be able to link two phone systems over an IP link. I have no idea how either of the options work - I don’t have either of the options around for testing and the vendor is not being very helpful.

I was hoping that someone may have some insight into whether or not it’s possible to integrate the two systems - maybe someone has experience with the Comdial VoIP system and can tell me how it works (or doesn’t work).

Thanks - Nick.