Integration with MongoDB

Exist some official way to integrate Asterisk with MongoDB (realtime configuration and cdr/cel) or any other NoSql database?

Take a look at GitHub - minoruta/ast_mongo: Realtime configuration engine and CDR&CEL backend for Asterisk with MongoDB

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Thanks for your answer @ambiorixg12 . I’ve seeng this module, but i seems to be an unofficial module, so this let me dont put it on production environments, for security, performance and stability reasons. I’m looking for some official/native method.

There are no modules in the tree for MongoDB.

If there is nothing on the wiki, I don’t there is official support
(Realtime Database Configuration - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki)

Do you know if this module or similar is in roadmap for next versions?

I know of noone actively working on such a thing. We also can’t take modules from other places and just include them, they have to be contributed and also pass licensing if they require external libraries.

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@benedito did you consider using ODBC to the MongoDB connection?

It’s my understanding that all of Asterisk Realtime is community supported, which seems to me could be interpreted as that it is all unofficial.

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