Writing a realtime config engine backed by Mongo


I’m writing a realtime configuration engine backed by MongoDB. As the MySQL realtime configuration engine, the new engine would be located in the addons directory.

The changes I made until now:

  1. Added file res_config_mongo.c to addons directory.
  2. Added module res_config_mongo to the Makefile located in the addons directory.
  3. I copied the res_config_mysql.exports file to res_config_mongo.exports (I really don’t know what is the meaning of this file).

When I compile Asterisk, I get a lot of compilation errors since it can’t find the Mongo driver and JSON libraries. I guess I need to do some changes to the addons Makefile so it knows where to find the libraries.

Could you please indicate me how this can be done?

Is there another step I’m missing for adding the module?



You might pose this question to the Asterisk Developers mailing list:



Hi Miko,

You really get this?!
I’m trying to store the cdr’s into MongoDB but got problems and couldn’t go further.

I’ve installed the mongoDB C driver

An try to build the module,

but get:

/usr/include/asterisk.h:21:33: fatal error: asterisk/autoconfig.h: No such file o directory compilation terminated. make: *** [build/cdr_mongodb.o] Error 1.

I’m also searching for an ODBC driver, and expect to use func_odbc.conf.

I’ll appreciate if you can help me.