Integrating GSM gateway to Asterisk


  Im a newbie to Asterisk,. Im running voice termination business using chinese and European brand GSM gateways. Usually these gateway are pre installed with generic  SIP-GSM software. The issue is that the Caller ID at receiving end is that of sim used in the gateway.  I have been told that by integrating gsm gateway with Asterisk could hep alter the Caller ID. The mobile operator itself doesnt allow to change/alter the caller ID. So what I need to know is that is there any possibility to hide/change/alter the caller ID so that the receiving party could see a number I personally assign using Asterisk configuration?

Waiting for your response

No. If you are using the gateway then it is up to the gateway.

As constrained by the network operator. Allowing end users to set caller ID can be used to commit fraud, so good network operators will not allow it, or will only allow you to set numbers that you have proved that you can control.

(I’m not actually sure that the GSM air interface allows user provided caller ID; I’m not sure what the use case would be for such a feature. Remember that GSM terminals are not really part of the original GSM concept.)