Integrating asterisk box with erricssion analog PBX

Dears ,
I have been assigned the task of integrating Asterisk PBX with Ericson contono MD 110 Analog PBX. My goal here is that any IP extension from asterisk box , should be able to call any extension on the Erricssion Analog Box & vice versa.

I have already purchased the VC400A analog card with 2 FXO & FXS ports. The card is installed & Asterisk was able to detect it. From the Erricssion PBX , I have taken one local extension ( i.e ext 400) & connected it to FXO port on the card in Asterisk box.

Can you please guide me , what are the further steps I needed to configure on asterisk & on the erricssion PBX.

Try the vendor of the card that you purchased. They offer support, yes?