How to Get asterix to talk to Ericcson 128IP PABX's?

Sorry for the newbie level questions.

We have an Ericsson 128IP VOIP PABX, currently this unit is talking via VPN to another Ericcson 50IP (I think) PABX in another city, with call redirections, least cost routing etc. We are just implementing a 3rd PABX using Asterix in a 3rd city.

I have been informed by Ericsson the following in an Email

The Asterix PBX is not a common system and thus we have had no experience nationally trying to integrate with it.
When networking with any 3rd Party PBX’s we need to discuss with the other vendor and supporting partner directly on whether their
is compatibility and if so how this can be achieved. We would also then consult in conjunction with yourselves whether the desired level of
feature transparency is available.
The Ericsson BusinesPhone use’s H.323 IPv4 annexM.1. The first query I would ask Asterix is do they support this protocol and have they
networked with a Ericsson BP before?
I have discussed with our Senior Technician and he is not willing to guarantee that we can network with the Asterix using VoIP.

Can anyone help me out with this one…I just wish we only had Asterix PABX’s in our organisation!

Basically I need to get the PABX’s talking to each other for call pass through, least cost routing, and we are also looking at setting up centralised reception duties on one phone.

Thankyou in advance

so, did you ask Digium about Asterisk integration with your PBX ?

Which section of Digium should I ask? I thought the forum would be the correct place?

Any help greatly appreciatted.

you might at some point see a digium employee post here, but i reckon you’d get a better/faster response emailing

Thanks for that, I have emailed them with the above question.

I will endeavour to remember to post any correspondence with them to here as well…

If anyone else knows anything about the ericcson systems an integration with Asterix please tell me :smiley:

In the near future we are going to use an Ericsson BP50 with VoiP. If you find out how to integrate this system with Asterisk I will be verry interested. I want to use the BP50 to call from an (remote) Asterisk server via internet to an outside line on de BP50…

[quote=“converga”]Basically I need to get the PABX’s talking to each other for call pass through,

This is one part you can reasonably expect generic help from either Digium or this forum. (Well, if you purchase Asterisk Business Edition, you would expect support from Digium, but otherwise, good luck.) I previously helped connecting Asterisk with GL PABX’s, and can personally testify how difficulty it is to try to figure out a proprietary system remotely. But if you have a high comfortable level with both the PABX and Asterisk, this can be done.

This is not so basic. Although Asterisk can “easily” perform such, implementation may not be simple depending on requirements and existing PABX applications.

[quote=“converga”] and we are also looking at setting up centralised reception duties on one phone.

Same here, depending on requirement and existing PABX applications. If you are already familiar with Asterisk applications, you can try to solve specific issues in a forum. Otherwise the best route may be to find a consulting firm.