Integrate Asterisk into Iwatsu PBX over T1/PRI

Hello All,

Speaking to the company that supports our PBX they have told me that the only way to integrate Asterisk into our phone system (he told me that our Iwatsu ADIX system is not a PBX) would be to do it with Analog FXS/FXO ports. I was originally thinking of integrating over a T1/PRI. We currently have two T1/PRI cards installed in our Iwatsu ADIX system I figured a third would allow me to push calls over that card and into the Asterisk system. I didn’t fully understand our techs reasoning behind it (he basically said that there need to be a TelCo between each T1 connection). Can someone explain why this is or if I’m just getting fed a line of bull?


Anyone got any hints on this one? It’s really a question related to T1/PRI more than Iwatsu…