Installing res_mysql.conf to access MySQL from Dialplan


I am trying to get * to access MySQL from the dialplan, but my /etc/asterisk directory does not contain res_mysql.conf NOR does my /usr/lib/asterisk/module directory contain the module.

I read other posts which suggested to use the menuselect command to install these files from the asterisk-addons directory, but when I tried I received the error listed below:

[root@ldc309 asterisk-addons-1.2.4]# cd ./menuselect
-bash: cd: ./menuselect: No such file or directory

Can anyone help me?


The command is “make menuselect”.



Mysql modules area only available in asterisk-addons. Download asterisk-addons, make sure mysql-libs and mysql-devel are installed, then install asterisk-addons. There is a sample res_mysql.conf /configs or /samples. You maybe able to do a ‘make samples’ in asterisk-addons, though, I’m 100% sure of this.