Installing asterisk

hi… Iam new and naive to use asterisk. i want to install the version which supports H323 softphone. i hv installed asterisk-1.4.18 and came to know that it does not contain files that support h323 so i installed Asterisk-addons 1.4.5. but still I am not finding files in it which support H323. It seems i have messed up with the things…
Please tell which version supports h323 and how to uninstall other versions…

check in following directory for h323.conf


this file named h323 config is there but “” is not there. when i give command “show modules” ,i get “” and other related modules but not “”.

check that module is in ur asterisk source directory specifically in channels directory.
then copy that .so file to Asterisk modules directory. then restart Asterisk.
then check by using show modules in console.

other wise u need to reinstall asterisk again that may help u