Installing asterisk using the definitive guide

Im having fun with this. :neutral_face:
So trying to read through the book and install as it states but now Im stuck at trying to change the /etc/udev/rules.d/dahdi.rules so that the OWNER and GROUP fields match in order to use the MeetMe() and DAHDI with asterisk as non-root. I need to change the last line in dahdi.rules to
SUBSYSTEM==“dahdi”, OWNER=“asteriskpbx”, GROUP=“asteriskpbx”, MODE="0660"
I dont have /dadhi.rules, I have /70-persistent-cd.rules and /70-persistent-net.rules and README.
How do I do this step?

Can anyone help with this?

If you are not very confident with file permissions on Unix-like systems, don’t try to run Asterisk non-root. As you should normally have it as the only application on hte machine, it is easier to simply reload the machine from backup if there is a suspected compromise. In any cae, most attacks on VoIP systems are for toll fraud purposes, and running non-root doesn’t really help there.