Installing Asterisk on Cygwin

i am trying to install Asterisk- on cygwin redhat environment but after runing the ./configure script and runing make clear; make install i am haviing an error while installing that says

make[1]: ***[asterisk.dll] error 1
make: *** [main] Error 2

Does any 1 know how to solve this problem??
Thanks in advance…

Also i have installed all these packages to my local hard drive with in the folder of src.

curses, and associated -devel

openssl, and associated -devel

zlib, and associated -devel

bison, and associated -devel (1.0.X only)

the asterisk folder lies in


The few people who have reported they got Asterisk 1.0 or earlier to compile on windows reported crappy voice quality. AFAIK no one has made 1.2 or later even compile on windows.

thanks for your reply. I am planing to switch to linux red hat in near future

I find that asterisk in windows or even asterisk on a virtual machine doesnt yield the best voice quality…

I never could make 1.2 or 1.4 variants compile in windows…

if you are looking just to play but not to test voice quality you can run it in a virtual machine… in fact a distro called AstLinux is real easy to do this with and is a bit lighter weight than a full linux distro…

that would give you an idea of what asterisk is like t configure and what not…

but surely for a production quality setup i would use a server class machine

Thanks Christopher for your reply…