Asteriskwin32 Problem

I had downloaded the source code of Asterisk from Digium Server.

And i had also downloaded cygwin environment from

I had followed the instruction available in readme.txt in the patch file.

Everything is properly patched and the "make " command is working fine but “make install” command is not working.

                             +---- Asterisk Installation Complete -------+
	 +                                           +
	 +                                           +
	 + Asterisk has successfully been installed. +
	 + If you would like to install the sample   +
	 + configuration files (overwriting any      +
	 + existing config files), run:              +
	 +                                           +
	 +               make samples                +
	 +                                           +
	 +-----------------  or ---------------------+
	 +                                           +
	 + You can go ahead and install the asterisk +
	+ program documentation now or later run:   +
	 +                                           +
	 +              make progdocs                +
	 +                                           +
	 + **Note** This requires that you have      +
	 + doxygen installed on your local system    +


	 Your Asterisk modules directory, located at
	 contains modules that were not installed by this
	version of Asterisk. Please ensure that these
	 modules are compatible with this version before
	 attempting to run Asterisk.


And Asterisk.exe, AsteriskWin32.exe and Asterisk.dll file is also created in /usr/src/asterisk directory.

When i tried to open AsteriskWin32.exe it is showing some failed message.
And when i try to asterisk.exe is showing the following NOTICE and WARNINGS…
And the Asterisk gets stopped.

dmarysuba@DEV19 /usr/src/asterisk-1.2.14
$ ./asterisk

Asterisk module loaded successfully
Asterisk entry point foundApr 24 11:49:44 NOTICE[3756]: cdr.c:1195 do_reload: CDR simple logging enabled.
Apr 24 11:49:44 WARNING[3756]: loader.c:326 __load_resource: No such file or directory
Apr 24 11:49:44 WARNING[3756]: loader.c:555 load_modules: Loading module failed!

Apr 24 11:49:44 WARNING[3756]: res_musichold.c:525 monmp3thread: Unable to spawn mp3player

Asterisk stopped.

I had also installed X-lite phone but unable configure it with Asterisk PBX and unable to make call.
Getting Registration error 405:Method not allowed.

Will you please guide me how to proceed further.

Thanks & Regards,