Installing Asterisk on a router


Thanks for the all info/help shared online on installing and configuring asterisk on CentOS.
I have successfully installed and configured Cisco 7940 IP Phone for my personal use.
I have planned to install few more IP Phones connected to my wireless network spread across 2 miles from my house.
Idea behind this is I already setup my wireless network using TP-Link 5201G and Ubiquity Rocket M5 access point spread across 2 miles for sharing my internet connection from my home. Later I thought of configuring IP Phones for communication, which I did it successfully using asterisk and I am able make call across my network(IP Phones).

Is there any possible that I can avoid running my asterisk server 24/7 on my desktop and install Asterisk on good router in order to reduce my power expense?.

Please share me some useful link and documents if there are any for installing asterisk on good router.

Thanks :smiley: