Installing Asterisk on a router


Thanks for the all info/help shared online on installing and configuring asterisk on CentOS.
I have successfully installed and configured Cisco 7940 IP Phone for my personal use.
I have planned to install few more IP Phones connected to my wireless network spread across 2 miles from my house.
Idea behind this is I already setup my wireless network using TP-Link 5201G and Ubiquity Rocket M5 access point spread across 2 miles for sharing my internet connection from my home. Later I thought of configuring IP Phones for communication, which I did it successfully using asterisk and I am able make call across my network(IP Phones).

Is there any possible that I can avoid running my asterisk server 24/7 on my desktop and install Asterisk on good router in order to reduce my power expense?.

Please share me some useful link and documents if there are any for installing asterisk on good router.

Thanks :smiley:

In general, You may use any router which is linux-based and where You may install self-compiled images. The “classic way” would be to use any Open-WRT-based router.

As an alternative with a very low power consumption You may leave Your router alone and use a Raspberry Pi instead. For this minimalistic computer You may even download ready-to-use Asterisk-images.


Thanks for input, I cant tell you how much this helped me.
Further using raspberry pi for my asterisk server I would like to know if can also run the TFTP server which would require for my CISCO 7940 IP Phones to work ( If I am not wrong, this what I did using my desktop as Asterisk server which transfer files to my IP Phones) .
Also are there any limitation of using raspberry pi as Asterisk server wrt number IP Phones connections.
I am looking to connect atleast 6 IP Phones and 4 Soft phones like Zoiper on my Andriod.

Inputs are very much appreciated.

Thanks Again

Since the Rapsberry Pi runs a (ARM-based) Linux serving the CISCOs with a TFTP-server is no problem, just install one, place the configuration files and You’re done.
The amount of endpoints is not a real limitation - the limitations of whatever hardware You are using for asterisk will start with the amount of parallel calls Your asterisk should handle.
Actually I may tell You that we did not face any problems with Rapsberry based installations and up to 4 parallel calls.

Thank again on prompt reply.

Any suggestion on Radxa Rock since it is much powerful than Raspberry Pi.

I was just searching online came to found it though it is 200% more expensive than Raspberry Pi. My first preference would be Raspberry Pi though.

I did not work with Radxa Rock yet. As far as I red the sreacifications it’s the same architecture as the Raspberry. Assuming this the Raspberry images should also be usable with the Radxa Rock. So it’s up to You to decide wheter You need more (computing) power which will also definitely lead to more (electrical) power consumption.