Installation troubles


I have some installation problems with asteriskNOW. I am trying to get my QuadBri ISDN card to work.

I downloaded the drivers for asterisk and then you should install it. No problem so far until i try to modprobe. This is what happens.

[admin@Asterisk qozap]$ modprobe zaptel
-bash: modprobe: command not found

[admin@Asterisk qozap]$ insmod qozap.ko
-bash: insmod: command not found

Altough zaptel is allready installed with the AsteriskNOW distribution; But somehow i need to install my ISDN card…

I quess those commands wont work because admin hasnt got root powers. Although at installation asterisk doenst ask for a root pw.

Anyone a answer for me ?

Thans, Robin

Usually super-user has something like this
[admin@Asterisk qozap]# (not $)

Try “sudo modprobe zaptel”.
I’m not sure about this solution, because i don’t know if a@home uses sudo.

Anyway… you can check if modprobe it’s in your PATH.
Try “whereis modprobe” an then try /your/path/modprobe zaptel (this checks for privileges)



Yep that works! Thanks m8, but the system keeps bugging me… now I get this message

Link /usr/src/linux-2.6 to your kernel sources first!

Very nice, but in the /usr/src isnt something like that. Any idea?

Thanks again!


I think you need to download your kernel’s sources. This is strange.
Zaptel module was precompiled or you compiled it?



p.s. sorry for my bad english :smile: