Installation problems


I’m new to Asterisk and have had no problems installing Asterisk@Home. However, when I installed it I found that what I wanted to do, which was set-up a voip DID going in, that can access a dialtone for calling out (like a calling card system or dialthrough) didn’t seem to be supported. At least in AMP all the scripts were nothing like what they looked in the documentation for asterisk, so it got a bit confusing. Even when I changed the scripts it still didn’t answer when I rang in on my DID number.

Anyway, so I’ve tried to install normal asterisk from scratch to build my own configurations instead. Unfortunately my version of Mandrake is rubbish and requires a whole load of packages to even install asterisk, such as bison and various others. The point is, these take ages to install and keep coming up with errors, I’m no Linux expert!!

So… is there a binary install for Asterisk, i.e one that just installs it with everything it needs, without having to faff about so much?? If not, can anyone recommend an O/S that comes with everything Asterisk needs without having to hassle? I just want to get asterisk installed so I can start learning!!!

Thanks a lot!!!