Installation on Ubuntu 8.10 Server

Dear Forum,

This is regarding few problems i had faced in Asterisk Installation in our Ubuntu 8.10 server

libpri installaion was fine

dahdi-complete installation is finished successfully

asterisk installation too finished without any error

but while rebooting, the error related to user / group - asterisk was identified

–> this was corrected by adding user / group - asterisk in the server


1.) the asterisk is not started automatically

2.) when we try to start with asterisk -cv, the problem of Permission Denied occured

  • this was rectified by changing the /var/run permissions

3.) but, asterisk -r did not connect to the CLI of asterisk server

Again, while reboot the server, the problem of Permission denied again occured

How to resolve this problem and ensure automatic start-up of Asterisk at start-up

Please guide to resolve this issue

Thanks / Ganesh, India

I’ve fixed my issues, patching /etc/init.d/asterisk like that:
around line 167 you, probably have

mine looks:

i have unmodified /etc/defaults/asterisk

p.s. dont forget to backup your /init.d/asterisk… maybe you’ll find other/better solution later on :smile:

I just installed asterisk on an ubuntu 8.10 server, the only thing that I do is sudo make && sudo make install, then I cd into the asterisk source dir, and then into the contrib dir, and get the /etc/init.d/ file for debian, and chmod +x it. Works great

dear riddlebox,

Thanks for your solution, it had eliminated both my problems

thanks / sithi

I’m wondering if the author or others using 8.10 would consider creating an automated script to perform the install for 8.10, similar to that for Hardy 8.04 (LTS) and posting to the wiki pages I started for this over at: