Missing database file upon initial install

I just barely installed Asterisk on Ubuntu 9.10 by following this thread: experts-exchange.com/Network … ratch.html

Everything went perfectly well according to the instructions but it appears it never created a database file in /var/lib/asterisk

How do I go about getting the database file? I do have mysql running on the machine for other purposes but from what I understand asterisk doesn’t by default use mysql.

Also, when I run asterisk -vvvgc from the console and read the output it appears that there are a few folders in which I have the incorrect permissions. What permissions do I need to set on the folders that asterisk uses?

umm…four days…is it too soon to say “bump”?

My /var/lib/asterisk/ is asterisk.asterisk (user and group) and astdb is root.root (with 644). Paste the “incorrect permission” line

Alright well just today I upgraded to 10.04 (not 10.10) and reinstalled asterisk using the software center and I allowed it to recreate the configuration files for me. This time it did in fact create an astdb file in /var/lib/asterisk. It’s showing as asterisk.asterisk and not root.root (664). But I was able to connect to asterisk by entering sudo asterisk -r in the terminal and get the CLI. So I think I’m in good shape as far as the install goes. Now I just need to move on to the configuring portion of asterisk.

Thanks for your help.