Install OPUS Codec with menuselect

Hi all,

I’m trying to install the OPUS Codec with the menuselect of the make command (Codec Translators->External->Opus Codec).
But, I can’t enable this external codec.
I’ve seen that there is a conflict with “no_binary_modles”.
So my question is, what is the best way to install the Opus codec ?

Did you run the configure script with the disabling of binary modules? What platform is this on?

There is also the tarball[1] that can be downloaded and files placed in the correct location.


My version:
Asterisk 17.6
Redhat 7

I didn’t run any script to disable the binary module…
I’ve also install the tar ball from digium (and it’s ok), but in the Readme, I read
The preferred way of installing the Opus codec is to use menuselect in
Asterisk to automatically download and install the codec. From the Asterisk
top-level source directory, run

So, is it ok to install the module manually ?

Yes, it can be installed manually. The menuselect process does the same manual steps, just in an automated fashion.

OK, thanks for your reply.
I will use the manually method :wink:

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