Install Asterisk on Compact Flash drive

I recently notice there are some IDE to CF adaptors available on the market, so that a CF can be used as a harddrive.

However, I know flash memory (including CF) has a limited life for data rewrite / erasure. How can Asterisk be configured so that NO log files will be generated during the operation of Asterisk, so as to extend the life of the CF drive?


I am using astlinix to do exactly that. See for details on how to incorporate the 32Mb disk image onto your CF disk so it will boot up into astlinux (asterisk+linux). It also includes a firewall, qos, iptables, and more depending on what you want. The latest version needs a CF disk of over 32Mb, probably 64Mb. I also use a 512MB mem stick in USB port for all the read/write frequent changes. The CF disk is mostly kept at read only after you have setup things the way you want them.