Asterisk and separate drives

Hello, I was thinking of implementing a system where I have a flash drive that will store the system files and another hard drive for user data (with logs, cdr, voicemail, etc). Has anyone implemented a system like this? If so how do you change the directory structure so it will access the other drive to make this work. Can this work? I am running Debian as my OS. Thanks in advance.

there are Asterisk distros out there specifically aimed at install on a CF disk. if you want to create your own, the contents of /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf might be interesting to you.

i didn’t try connecting flash drive to debian box, but look ast /etc/fstab file
You can specify there file system and corresponding mount point
if You have your flash drive device (exaple) /dev/flashdrive then You can specify in fstab (man fstab)
/dev/flashdrive /etc [file_system_type]
when system goes up /etc is pointed to be on flasdrive device
this is system side configuration, as baconbuttie says You can also set astdir => [directory] flashdrive can be mounted to that directory