Inserting specific delay in SIP voice communication

I work at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston and we are working on the simulation of deep space communication and are using an older version of Asterisk 1.8 to provide communication between the simulation partners. The task is to implement a delay in the communication between the simulated Mission Control and the Deep Space Vehicle in an attempt to simulate real communication conditions as would be experienced during space flight to deep space. We have a solution provided by KSC (Kennedy Space Center) but are not receiving much support and need to get a solution working for an upcoming test. I know this is counter intuitive to the VoIP community as delay is considered a bad thing, but in this case it is needed. What I need is to be able to easily be able to input a specific time parameter to use as the time delay, such as 10 seconds, 15 seconds, etc. Does anyone know of a relatively simple method of inserting delay in the voice communications?

Thank you for any input you may provide.

John Cardner

John what a fun sounding project!

There are a couple tools out there that let you simulate networks that I think could help you here.

I think you could do some creative networking and place a machine with two nics in the path of your asterisk box or client you are testing with and solve your issue.

Thank you for the input. I will take a look and see if this will work. I really appreciate the help.

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John Cardner

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Just came across this article - may be of some use !

Thanks for the help.