Long voice delays when using the built-in SIP client on an Android based smart phone

Hi everyone,

I had to use the built-in SIP client on my Sonim XP7 Android based smart phone because the Linphone SIP client app who is also used on our other Android based smart phones (used on WiFi only, no carrier services enabled on the others devices) cannot receive phone calls when I’m on cellular network for an unknown reason.

All will be perfect if there has no delay in the voice call, when using the built-in SIP client there is a 2 or 3 second delay who cause often confusion when talking the other parties.

When using Linphone on the cellular network with my Sonim XP7 (for outbound calls as inbound seem not currently working on cellular internet), there are absolutely no delay.

I did some testings and the issue when using the Android’s built-in SIP client can be also reproduced when using IEEE802.11 (WiFi).

Is there some settings in Asterisk who can be tweaked for reduce and at the best of the case having no voice delay like when I use the Linphone app?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Although one to two seconds is extreme, using Wifi for VoIP will produce large amounts of jitter and therefore large delays. Asterisk will not add to those delays unless you enable jitter buffers. Thee are not enabled by default.

(“Absolutely no delay” cannot be true.)