Initiate call queue from ARI

I have 5 agents in my queue.conf, and i want to initiate Queue from Stasis application. I am using Python to implement Stasis application.

When call is made to number ‘300’, Stasis application will be initiated and ineed to transfer call to free agents in round robin fashion.
I understood that it is possible with application Queue. But i couldnt find a method to make queue call inside Stasis.

Plz help me with a solution.

exten => 2001,1,NoOp(Call landed in EXTENSION)
same => n,Stasis(call_Simulator,inbound)
same => n,Hangup()
Here i am using standard mixing bridge program “” for landing call on agent.

You can’t. Stasis/ARI isn’t for executing dialplan applications or any of that. It is for writing YOUR OWN queue. You have to write the business logic, the outbound dialing, checking if they are available, all of that.

thanks for the reply

Hi, Can i identify the next queue member before initiating my Stasis application. Is there any function inbuild which will return next queue member or currently not-in-call members list in queue.
I have gone through the QUEUE functions and i couldnt find one.
Plz help.

I don’t believe there is, because that can change.