How to dial a sip agent from ARI Stasis application

Am writing an Asterisk application which do the following things

After call lands in asterisk

  1. Play welcome message
  2. Handover to Stasis
  3. Forward call to an extension(Internal IP Phone)
  4. Call lands on IP
    1. IP phone with agent starts ringing
    2. Agent machine/laptop application gets the information, like call incoming/ringing etc.

After going into Stasis application, how to dial a SIP agent.
dial() application in Channels api (/channels/{channelId}/dial) is asking for channelId, caller and timeout. Do i have to create a new channel for this.

Am very new to asterisk. Plz help me out. If my approach is wrong, plz correct that too.

The wiki has a page[1] detailing a bit about this, including dialing.


Thanks for your reply. I will try that.