Initial Delay when calling out - ca. 300ms dropping


since Asterisk 1.4.X i experience a behavior which was gone since Asterisk 1.2 and seems to back now :frowning:

When i call out, the first 300ms after the dialed party answered are dropped - it sounds like the bridged channel is opening to late.

Imagine the called party lift up and says “this is John” - you will hear “…is John”.

Thats annoying cuz most people tend to say “ya?” when lifting up, so you actually dont know THAT they answered your call already cuz the “ya?” is/was dropped.

THis was not the case with the 1.2 branch, so something new has happend.

Nothing special to see on the CLI, everything like before.

I dial out
exten-> _0.,1 dial zap…whatever

and the CLI indicates
Zap/1 answered SIP/34

Another thing (might have an effect?) since 1.4 is:
When dialing out, i first (one time) hear something like an “internal” ring, THEN the “real” calling tone comes up.

My guess would be, that there is something different with 1.4 since they introduced the direct packet-bridge as well, maybe that causing a delay ?

Question is, if there is a new parameter i missed to avoid such behavior ?

Thanks in advance!


Dont get me wrong, i dont want to bump or sound impatient, but is there really no1 with an idea what could cause such problem ?