1.04 beta-- phones slow to pick up

We have noticed, since installing 1.04beta3 that answering an incoming call, it takes approximately 10 seconds from the time the phone is answered until the call audio is established. We are using Eyebeam on WinXP with a USB headset. But we get the same effect on our grandstream hardphone.

Has anybody else noticed this? Anybody have any ideas of why this is occuring?

Yes I am looking at two 1.4 boxes which are failing to answer and dropping calls like crazy (I was looking at hardware issue so I stop everything but simple calls).

Some callers have hungup before the first exten rings in, I have sat there and had ring for 8 to 10 ring before the inbound call rings the first exten
reboot and all is good until the box just stops.

If I watch the CLI the calls reach in the 50’s the system will just “hang” / “stall” nothing is going, TOP says the box is just about idle, then BAM it shot up to 80 ~ 100 % calls kick in and start ringing

I have never had more two calls at a time the 1.4 dev box I had so i have nothing to compare it to.

The boxes will choke and die with more than 45~ 50 calls when they where taking 100’s on 1.2.13 I am told (not my boxes)

Both are the same AMD box …
Not a real server by any means, some type of gamers box.

They could not get ANY cards to work, they said digium and rhino cards locked up the box.

And the dailplan is a total hack job (extens are 40 pages long)
so it could be hardware or software on the boxes

They are to get a KNOWN good box on line today; once I get it up and running and working for them to take calls, I can dig into one of AMD boxes and see if I get it stable and answering calls.

So I am sure (hoping) it is just the AMD Junkers they used for this which is the issue.
If I find again out I will post back here.