Inherited Asterisk!

Just inherited an asterisk system, which I have learnt has never worked…I have no manual for the GUI and am poking and hoping. The PBX does not consistantly dial out of local area numbers…sometimes it works other times it doesent and I get the recorded msg, telling me to add the “1” for out of area…but I had added the “1”…could the PBX be dialling out too quickly and the service provider has eaten the first “1” ???



It sounds like there may be something funky going on with the dialplan.

Can you please look in your sip.conf file for the users affected (assuming you are using sip phones of somesort).

look for where is says “context=”

Then open up the extensions.conf and look for where it has “[]” (that same thing inside of square brackets).

Please copy that section here, most likely the first few characters are being stripped no matter what and not taking into account that you may be making long distance calls.