Increase session connection

How can we increase and manage session connection on asterisk server…is there any way through which we can check the concurrent session running count

Concurrent session of what? Concurrent calls? Concurrent registrations? You’ll need to be more specific.

concurrent session count of socket connection…because I am using a php api through which i create socket to make calls

You mean AMI? The only limit I’m aware of in there is for unauthenticated sessions, which is configurable from manager.conf. As for showing what is connected there is the “manager show connected” CLI command.

while placing a call 1 socket should be created if am running 100 call means 100 socket connection would be there ?

I don’t know how it is being used so I can’t answer that. An AMI connection can be kept open and multiple calls originated using it. It also doesn’t have to stay open for the duration of the call (unless you are using events to track it). It all depends on how AMI is being used.

ok thanks will read more about AMI

Yes that unatuhorized session limit is 50…can i increase upto 1028 any idea

As I stated it is configurable in the manager.conf configuration file[1].