Incorrect Information in Master.csv

Hi All,

I m using Asterisk for conference call.I can able to make calls from asterisk and able to write CDR values to Master.csv but all the information is not correct in Master.csv file.

Here are the list of issues i m facing
1.Start time,Answer time and End time are same always in Master.csv
2.Billsec value is always Zero
3.Duration value is incorrect
4.Is there anyway to store all the CDR values in database and calculate the exact talktime of the call.

Thanks in Advance

Use channel event logging for all but the simplest of call logging cases.

Hi David

Thank you for your reply.I will try to use channel event logging to get correct info.

Thanks Again

Hi David,

I have enabled ‘cel’ in ‘cel.conf’ and ‘cel_custom.conf’ and reloaded using ‘reload’ command in Asterisk CLI.I Noticed two errors.

1.Error[3015] : cel_custom.c:89 load_config:unable to load cel_custom.conf. Not logging CEL to custom csv’s.

2.Warning[3015] : config.c:1299 process_text_line:parse error:No category context for line 12 of /etc/asterisk/cel_custom.conf

I even tried reloading alone but still got the same error

Thank you

I believe that is saying that you are missing a


before that line number. Without seeing the file you are using, it is difficult to guess the actual error.