Custom CEL logging documentation

I have created a custom app with *, its not a ‘telephone system’, but basically just an interactive interface to a DB.

I would like to be able to get more detail in the logs of what users are doing, when they hit certain parts of the app, their inputs, system responses, etc.
I am under the impression I can do this with CEL custom fields, but for the life of me cant find any detailed docs to advise on how to set this up/syntax.

Right now my cel_custom.conf is:
Master.csv => ${CSV_QUOTE(${eventtime})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CALLERID(name)})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CALLERID(num)})},${CSV_QUOTE(${eventtype})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CHANNEL(appname)})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CHA

but results aren’t much more than a CDR at the moment (start, answer, hangup, end).
I see the “appdata” and “userfield”, but dont know how to customize. They show up empty in the resulting CSV.

Does anyone know of detailed documentation they can point me to?


CEL, or Channel Event Logging, was written with the hopes that it will help solve some of the problems that were difficult to address in CDR records. It give you the ability to track a channel and use event and other information to determine the entire call path

Late Friday night, I found a good CEL page, and figured out I had to add extra lines to the dialplan for each thing I wanted to log.A little more work but I quickly figured out I can be as verbose or oblivious as we need, and already have 95% of it done.

Thanks again!