Incorrect hint when second call received

Hi all,

Our receptionist monitors a number of extensions (including mine) via the “subscribecontext” functionality, so she can see when people are on the phone.

However, if I’m on an outgoing call and someone calls my DDI, after the DDI caller has hung up (or gone to voicemail) and I later hang up my outgoing call, asterisk incorrectly marks my extension as “in use” on the receptionist’s phone. This is not a handset problem as a “core show hints” reveals that asterisk thinks I am still on my outgoing call after I’ve finished it.

A simple transcript from the console is:

  1. I make my call, asterisk sends “inuse” to the receptionist’s phone (BLF lights up)
  2. I get an incoming call, asterisk sends “inuse&ringing” (BLF flashing)
  3. The incoming call hangs up, asterisk sends “inuse” again (BLF solid)
  4. Immediately after the above entry, asterisk incorrectly sends “idle” (BLF not lit)
  5. After a period of time I hangup my outgoing call, asterisk incorrectly sends “inuse” (BLF lit again)

I’m running on Ubuntu 6.06 i386.

What is the problem here?