Detecting secondary ring pattern DURING call! how/why?

I apologize for the lengthy post in advance, but want to make sure I explain my problem.

setup is fairly simple. Asterisk 1.9 with 1 wildcard.
house PSTN is plugged into that wildcard. We have distinctive ring on the house line (2 numbers). For the basic ring my extensions.conf basically says
execute script (send email with clid info)
wait(6000) - (it never does though)

If it detects the secondary ring pattern it runs through a more complex routine. playing prompts, allowing selection of a number of extensions etc.

my issue
on rare occassions while someone is talking on the phone Asterisk will decide that it has detected the secondary ring pattern and launch the related context. This gets quite annoying to the people on the line already.

I ask
If the zap line is already in use how is Asterisk deciding that it is seeing an incoming ring? How can I stop it?


have you checked the logs ?
can we see them here?

cat /var/log/asterisk/full or /var/log/asterisk/messages

also have you attempted to do a DID inbound route association for the numbers instead of detecting distinctive ringing?

I think I will look into an inbound route. Although I would still like to know how this issue was happening.

I looked at my logs but they did not contain much.

thanks aot2002

it would be helpful to at least post the log files