Incoming calls sometimes hits a voicemenu

I’m having some problem with incoming calls from one service provider (Inphonex), I have configured a Incoming call rule from the provider to be routed to a ring group. This mostly works fine, incoming calls are redirected to the ring group, but sometimes calls get routed to a voice menu.
What I do if this happens is to enter the Asterisk configuration panel, and then I click on activate changes. Asterisk is restarted and calls are now coming to the ring group as expected.

So I have two questions.

  1. What causes the miss of incoming call rule ?
  2. Where can I specify where calls that doesnt match any incoming rule is redirected to?

The [default] section of extensions.conf looks like this.

I guess I should remove the include=voicemenu-custom-1, but what will then happen to unmatched calls?

The [DID_trunk_1] section looks like this

Any ideas on a solution to this is greatly appreciated.

// Erik

You have not posted the voicemenu-custom-1 context so we can’t see why the calls would be going any where else but where you want them to go.