Voicemenu won't allow dialing to ringroup ext

Asterisk GUI-version : 2.1.0-rc1

I’ve got a voicemenu set up and it allows direct extension dial to actual extensions during the announcement.

I have a ringroup (ex 6400) set up for extensions 6100 and 6101, both sip softphones.

If I dial from an internal extension to 6400 the ringroup works as expected. However if I dial in from the outside and try to dial 6400 during the voicemenu it immediately hangs up the call.

the log shows the following:

[Aug 14 13:03:50] WARNING[9478] pbx.c: Invalid extension ‘64’, but no rule ‘i’ or ‘e’ in context ‘voicemenu-custom-1’

is this a bug or am I missing something in my voicemenu construction?

Still researching but it appears that the problem is that numbers beginning with “64” aren’t included in the voicemenu context…

Thing is, i’m not sure where to put them…

my voicemenu-custom-1 is as follows:

[voicemenu-custom-1] include = default exten = s,1,NoOp(name) exten = s,2,Answer() exten = s,3,Background(record/welcome) exten = s,4,Background(record/if-u-know-ext-dial) exten = s,5,Wait(1) exten = s,6,Background(record/to-dial-by-name-press) exten = s,7,Background(digits/pound) exten = s,8,Wait(1) exten = s,9,Background(record/voice-mail-system) exten = s,10,Background(digits/star) exten = s,11,Wait(1) exten = s,12,Background(dir-multi1) exten = s,13,Background(digits/0) exten = s,14,Background(dir-multi2) exten = s,15,Background(dir-multi3) exten = s,16,Background(digits/6) exten = s,17,Background(digits/thousand) exten = s,18,Wait(1) exten = s,19,Background(dir-multi1) exten = s,20,Background(digits/1) exten = s,21,Background(dir-multi2) exten = s,22,Background(dir-multi3) exten = s,23,Background(digits/6) exten = s,24,Background(digits/thousand) exten = s,25,Background(digits/1) exten = s,26,Wait(1) exten = s,27,Background(dir-multi1) exten = s,28,Background(digits/2) exten = s,29,Background(dir-multi2) exten = s,30,Background(dir-multi3) exten = s,31,Background(digits/6) exten = s,32,Background(digits/thousand) exten = s,33,Background(digits/2) exten = s,34,Wait(15) exten = s,35,Playback(vm-goodbye) exten = 0,1,Goto(ringroups-custom-1,s,1) exten = 1,1,Goto(default,6001,1) exten = 2,1,Goto(default,6002,1) exten = *,1,Goto(default,1000,1) exten = #,1,Goto(directory,1002,1)

interestingly, the ringroup has 2 extensions 6100 and 6101. I can dial both of those extensions directly during the voicemenu, but not 6400 which is the ringroup extension.

Ok, I’m not sure if this was the correct way to go about this but I edited the extensions.conf file and added include = ringgroups to the default context

include = ringgroups
exten = _#6XXX,1,Set(MBOX=${EXTEN:1}@default)
exten = _#6XXX,n,VoiceMail(${MBOX})
exten = a,1,VoicemailMain(${MBOX})
exten = 1000,1,VoiceMailMain(${CALLERID(num)}@default)

exten = 6400,1,Goto(ringroups-custom-1,s,1)

I can now dial 6400 directly during the IVR and it rings the group.

my question is, why weren’t ringgroups added by default once once was created?

Note I configured my asterisk using the web gui…

Note I configured my asterisk using the web gui…[/quote]

Then you should ask the guys that built the WebGUI ,)