IVR is not picking up when calling in - not sound at all

Hello, I recently installed Asterisk (Trixbox) and got a phone number from TelaSip. When I the TelaSip number the IVR does not pick up and nothing at all really seems to happen. I don’t hear a welcome message and pressing several different feature key combinations did not initiate anything. When I dial the number, nothing happens. No ringing in the phone earpiece or any sounds at all. I do know that Trixbox is at least registering the call because the calls (along with the appropriate source caller ID) are appearing in the freePBX-Reports-Call Log.

Entries from the debug file:

SIP/2.0 503 Service Unavailable: cli is wrong, check your configuration, switch to 08 number

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Try the Trixbox forums…

im not sure of your setup, so if you have already done this post some configs

edit sip.conf

register => user:pass@your.sip.proxy.net/XXXXXXXXXX
(this may be a little different depending on your provider)
(replace XXXXXXXXXX with your telephone number)

after doing so, verify that youre registered

hostname*CLI> sip show registry
Host Username Refresh State
your.sip.proxy.net:5060 user 105 Registered

then edit extensions.conf

(replace these X’s with your number as well)

[XXXXXXXXXX] ; registered context where calls are sent
exten => s,1,yada yada yada

hope this helps.