Incoming Call Failed - Old Tribox system

We have taken over an antiquated tribox system for a non-profit that we will be upgrading in the future as soon as they get funds but wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts why incoming calls fail to an extension (outgoing works fine). The phone is an Aastra 9141 and we have tried a few other phones and have the same issue and nothing in the system has changed. Any thoughts on where to look and see what could be causing the issue? Thank you

Is need the system logs, we need to check the incoming INVITE and see if the issue is the dial plan \ or mybe 401 Auth request to the incoming INVITE request, or mybe endpoint not registered. the Causes can be any of them or maybe other

I am pretty new to this type of system, I show the following in the system status for the extension:

201/201 D N A 5060 OK (34 ms


201@ext-local : SIP/201&Custom:DND20 State:Idle Watchers 0

This phone was working for incoming but all of a sudden just stopped. Where would I go look to find the info you are indicating? Thank you


This just tell you SIP device 201 is reachable, you need to trace the SIP incoming SIP INVITE request, I suggest you move to FreePBX in case you want to use a GUI , I cant help you with Trixbox

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