Include Custom Files on pjsip.conf


  • Centos 7
  • Asterisk 18.1.0

I am generating dynamic files for the PJSIP configuration. In the pjsip.conf I have the following format:

#include pjsip.d/pjsip__*.conf

But, after a certain amount of files, let’s say, 30 or 35 files, asterisk stop reading the first three, or four files, avoiding the endpoints be created and the phones are not able to register into the server.

Is there any issue regarding this reported on the latest version of Asterisk?

Thanks in advance for any advice or comment that you can provide me regarding this.

Disclaimer: I am no asterisk developer and don’t have a ton of experience, but here’s a couple of troubleshooting questions/suggestions.

When you reload asterisk does it throw any errors/warnings that might hint to this?
Did you check the file permissions?
Could be that Asterisk doesn’t like something in that path, so perhaps try:
(note, I removed the “.d”)

#include pjsip/pjsip__*.conf
#include pjsip/pjsipfiles/*.conf

Does it work in the same path?

#include pjsip__*.conf

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