Minimal configuration to make pjsip_wizard works


When I installed Asterisk I run the command make basic-pbx so I have the basic files, see the content of my asterisk directory:

[root@centos asterisk]# ls
asterisk.conf  cdr_custom.conf  extensions.conf   logger.conf   musiconhold.conf  README
cdr.conf       confbridge.conf  indications.conf  modules.conf  pjsip.conf        voicemail.conf

I have configured two endpoints working fine but the configuration is too long and I would like to use Wizard
to make configuration more easly.

What files do I have to create to make the PJSIP Wizard works?

Iā€™m using CentOS 6.8 running Asterisk 14.6.2



You will need to make sure the module is loaded either via autoload or hand loading it in modules.conf

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Information it is available on the wiki

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