Inbound / Outbound call ring issue

I have installed Asterisk@home 2.8 in CentOS with 2.8 Intel Pentium 4 and
512 RAM.

I am using TDM400P with 1 FXO and 1 FXS.

I connected POTS to FXO and an analog phone to FXS. I have setup that
only my mobile phone can call my POTS, and vice versa.

Trunk Configuration

Outbound Caller ID: my POTS number with area code
Maximum Channels: 1
Dial Rules: My mobile number
Dial Rules Wizards: (pick one)
Outbound Dial Prefix: None
Zap Identifier: g0

Zap Extension Configuration

Display Name: 1000
Outbound CID: None
Emergency CID: None
Record Incoming/Outgoing: On Demand
Channel: 1
COntext: from-internal
Signaling: fxo_ks
Echocancel: yes
Echocancelwgenbridged: no
Echotraining: 800
Busydetect: no
Busycount: 7
Callprogress: no
Dial: ZAP/1
Accountcode: None
Mailbox: 1000@device
voicemail password:12345
Email/Pager address:
Email attachment, Play CID, Play Envelope, Delete Vmail: yes
Vm options: None
Vm context: default

Inbound Route Configuration

DID Number, Caller ID Number, Fax Email: None
Fax Extension: freePBX default
Privacy Manager: No
Immediate Answer: No
Pause After Answer: 0
Alert Info: None
Core: 1000 is selected for destination

Outbound Route Configuration

Route Name: PSTN
Route Password: 12345
Emergency Dialing: None
Dial Patterns: My mobile number
Insert: Pick pre-defined patterns
Trunk Sequence: ZAP/g0

I was comparing two method tests.

1st method test

Without Asterisk and TDM400P involved. It was a regular analog phone
called mobile, and vice versa.

Mobile called analog phone - analog phone rang after first rang on mobile.

Analog phone called mobile - analog phone rang after 5 seconds.

2nd method test

With Asterisk and TDM400P card involved. POTS plugged to FXO. Analog
phone plugged to FXS.

Mobile called analog phone - analog phone rang between first and second
rang on mobile.

Analog phone called mobile - I dialed my mobile number, then IVR played to prompted password. I entered password with #. After 8 seconds, I heard rings.

My question is how come 2nd method test, phone rang a little slower ? Is that a way to tweak it to be the same as in 1st method test ?

Thats sounds like the typical digit/exten timeout asterisk is doing.

I am not quite sure tho, where it sppears…since the IVR indicates (normally) that the dial was already initiated…

Mobilenumber dialing closed with a “#” ?

Any interessting CLI messages ?


I don’t think # play a factor. I dialed the mobile number, then right away
IVR prompted me to key in password.

I am very new to Asterisk@Home. How do I see CLI message ? Any thing
to turn on to see the debug ?

open a terminal on the aah box and type
asterisk -rvvvvv

Then you have a CLI (command line interface) of asterisk with a verbose level of 5.


Please post your real sip.conf,zapata.conf and extensions.conf.
Your first posting is not refelcting the content of your conf files.

“XXX” out passwords if needed :smile: