Inbound calls via NAT firewall

I seem to be having problems with either my provider (Voiptalk) or my NAT firewall (SAR110) regarding incoming calls.

I’ve setup the router to redirect ports to the Asterisk machine but I don’t know whether the problem is with the provider or my NAT setup.

I’m redirecting:
5060-5082, 8000-20000, 4569, 5036 and 2727

Have I missed something here?

Their setup for incoming calls is:


exten => 0123456789,1,Dial(SIP/1001)

This seems to be wrong, they have no register line nor anything to tie the number to the service as far as I can see.

For router NAT/firewall config, you might want to see the following thread:
But as for your provider setup, they need to provide you a register string or else you will not be able to register which means nothing will work at all. I suggest you call them for your register info.

Thanks, I think its the telephone provider at fault.

Their guide for setting up incoming IAX was a more than a little sparse and the example is all they provided.

I was also hoping for a register or something similar so I’ll wait until a weekday and call their tech support.

I tested incoming calls using SIPDiscount’s allocated number and that works fine (after reading a howto on