Inbound calls to queues ring but are billed


I’ve just installled Asterisk and I noticed a very annoying situation :

1st example : inbound call not answered

Using exten = s,1,Queue(myqueue|rtT|||19) : Inbound calls to myqueue are “billed” (I mean billsec in cdr db != 0 even if nobody pick it up !) and disposition = ANSWERED

Using exten = s,1,Queue(myqueue|r|||19) : Inbound calls to myqueue are missing in cdr

2nd example : inbound call rings for 10 sec and conversation last for 5sec

Using exten = s,1,Queue(myqueue|rtT|||19) : in cdr : billsec=14 / duration=15

Using exten = s,1,Queue(myqueue|r|||19) : in cdr : billsec=5 / duration=15

I’m a little bit lost, can anyone give me informations on the subject ?



Yep the queue app answers the call straight away. you need to collect teh queue stats to see whats happening


I’m fairly sure we tried this on and it didn’t answer, provided that you didn’t do anything that required in band progress indications. On a quick look at the code, I don’t see anything that would generate an answer if you use ringing with no progress messages.

Answering and then simulating ringing, without any messages, is fairly anti-social, as the caller thinks they are not being charged.


Its as far as CDRs are concerned its answered, depending on having the r option or not with SIP you get a 100 trying and then a 180 if you have the “r” or a 100 then 183

Any stats on Queues should use the queuelogs and not the CDRs, This is common practice across all PBX’s. ACD systems always produce their own records as they have very different needs