Basic Call routing question

I have just downloaded and installed asterisknow ISO image
through freePBX I created my 1st SIP extension and when I check the sip_additional.conf file that ext
has got an context of "from-internal"
will the context and the associated rules come into action for the inbound calls to this extension or is it for the outbound calls made by the extension?

You can’t have inbound calls on an extension in Asterisk. You might be able to have them in FreePBX terminology, but the FreePBX forum is at

The initial context is determined by the context= setting in the sip.conf entry for the source device, or that in the general section, if there is no matching device, or no context is specified for the device. There are, rarely used, options to make one for the destination domain override those in the device or general sections.

Goto’s and Gosub’s, in the dial plan, may subsequently modify the context.