Inbound and Outbound

I am new in Asterisk and Trixbox and I have system that 1 Voip Gateway AudioCodec, Sip phone and Trixbox … I registered my sip phone succesfully and I also use a softphone with these two extension I can call each other. The problem comes when I try to make outgoing call and getting inbound call…
My configuration is the following;

Inbound Route
any CID/any DID

I didnt add any configuration…

Trunk section Zap Trunk

Maximum channels:1
Zap Identifier: 1

Outbound Route

Route Name: 9_outside

Dial Patterns: 9|.

Trunk Sequence: ZAP/1

so, Trixbox report show that when a call coming outside it answered Destination s and also neither my sip phone nor softphone ringing. When making a call it shows No answered.

Please help…
Thanks in advance.