In the asterisk log, PJSIP is called in the inbound call, but Ringing is not recorded



As shown in the image, when an inbound call is received, PJSIP Called is recorded, but the next Ringing is not recorded, and the actual softphone does not recognize the call as incoming.
If the softphone is turned off and then turned on again, ringing occurs when making an inbound call again.

I am wondering what could be causing this to happen.

In this picture, ringing occurs normally and the softphone recognizes the incoming call.

thank you

  1. Which version of Asterisk is this?

  2. You have shown two different extensions (1104 and 9000) being called. Can
    you reproduce the problem on one extension?

  3. An error message is displayed at the top of the call fo 1104 - what is that
    and does anything of similar significance precede it?

  4. Please show us the section of your dialplan which is placing these calls.

  5. What does a SIP trace show for the two calls? What is actually being sent
    to the telephone?

Hint: the more information you give us (such as complete messages, and details
of the dialplan) the more likely it is that someone can help. The less
information from you, the more guesswork from us.


Please provide logs as text, not as cropped images.

I think we definitely need to see the “pjsip set logger on” output for this.

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