Extension Keeps Ringing - DRIVE ME CRAZY!

Why does this pbx keep calling and ringing one of my extensions?? I’m not seeing anything in the log files regarding this!

How can anybody contribute anything useful with no input?

Console log, packet trace, anything?

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Nothing comes up in the console log files! Have not completed packet trace/Wireshark!

Other than to tell you that it’s NOT INTERMITTENT. Every couple of minutes, like clock work, thephone will ring. What’s noticeable is the number it seems to be coming from… 1012345, then 112345, then 122345 then 132345, etc. The numbers are incrementing by one with each call.

Try something like:

sudo tcpdump -i any -n -s 0 -w wtf.pcap port 5060 or port 5061

Let that bake for a couple of iterations and then fire up:

sngrep -I wtf.pcap

and see where these INVITEs are coming from.

Or, you can just try:

sudo tcpdump -A -i any -n -s 0 port 5060 or port 5061

and see what flys by.

thanks I’ll give the dump a try.

Any chance you have something creating ‘call files’ in /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/? Also take a peek at /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing_done/.

it’s calling itself??? wtf??

Okay, I’ve gone through this. There is nothing apparent and obvious. What I can tell you is that the user agent appears to be communicating with each of the extensions. Nothing there seems to trigger the ringing. Thanks for the info, much appreciated!

Could be posible port 5060 is open on the SIP client and call is getting directly outside the PBX, but also just in case if using chan_sip disable guest calls

RE: /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/

Nothing in this location.

RE: /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing_done/

No such directory.

I think the packets will yield clues. Where are the INVITEs coming from?

How about an example?

where? at the trunk level, extension, group??

/etc/asterisk/sip.conf on general settinga assuming you re using chan_sip

I don’t see anything specifically marked with “INVITE” in the sngrep of wtf.pcap. What I do see however is FROM, TO and CONTACT all from the same extension. If that helps!

ok, i’m nano and have this file open…?

In the column to the left of ‘SIP From’ is ‘Method.’ If you don’t see ‘INVITEs’ in there, you’re capturing packets from the wrong place.

sngrep will filter out dialogs that don’t contain an INVITE if you enter:

sngrep -I wtf.pcap ^INVITE

Your sngrep should look something like this:

  Current Mode: Offline                      Dialogs: 7                      Filename: pbx10.pcap
  Match Expression: ^INVITE                  BPF Filter:
  Display Filter:
      ^Idx Method     SIP From                  SIP To                    Msgs  Source                 Destination            Call State
  [ ] 1    INVITE     xxxxxxxxxx@    xxxxxxxxxx@76.93.174.xxx: 6      COMPLETED
  [ ] 2    INVITE     poly-77a1@pbx10.sedwards. xxxxxxxxxx@pbx10.sedwards 11      CANCELLED
  [ ] 3    INVITE     5555555555@76.93.174.xxx  1xxxxxxxxxx@   8       CANCELLED
  [ ] 4    INVITE     poly-77a1@pbx10.sedwards. xxxxxxxxxx@pbx10.sedwards 8      REJECTED
  [ ] 5    INVITE     5555555555@76.93.174.xxx  1xxxxxxxxxx@   7       CANCELLED
  [ ] 6    INVITE     poly-77a1@pbx10.sedwards. xxxxxxxxxx@pbx10.sedwards 11      COMPLETED
  [ ] 7    INVITE     5555555555@76.93.174.xxx  1xxxxxxxxxx@   7       COMPLETED

Give me a few…Just rolling back the firmware on a wireless ip phone

nope…nothing. Should I specify localhost or the ip address in the sngrep? I’m assuming it’s monitoring the only network card on the box?

Yup…Tried that again to a “t” and nothing. the grep matchin ^INVITE displays “Current Mode: Off Line”. Sip From, Sip To, etc, and that’s it.