Unable to create dahdi channel

i have an asterisk with fxs and fxo cards.
fxo and fxs are connected through an analog trunk.

fxs can not reach fxo unless fxo makes the first call.
then fxs can now reach fxo.

but if fxo does not make the first call then fxs can not reach fxo at all.

exten=> _XXX,1,dial(DAHDI/g1/${EXTEN})

dahdi/g1 is the analog trunk or group.

unable to create channel of type ‘dahdi’ (cause 34 - circuit/channel congestion)

i am not sure what is happening ! and why things work normally when a call first comes to fxs from fxo! i mean what changes in configs or files if a call first comes which might let the call reach fxo in second time !

one more note: if we make a first call from fxo to fxs then things appear to be normal! and then reboot then i have to make a first call from FXO AGAIN!!!

what does this first call changing in files !? i dont get it ? or is it something related to the card ? something related to the analog trunk !? something related to the dahdi module ? dahdi configs ?

thanks in advance
best regards

I believe the forum policy is still that all DAHDI problems should be addressed through the card vendor’s commercial support channels.

In any case, one would need to know the hardware used and the contents of the DAHDI configuration file.

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hardware type is : wctdm24xxp. dahdi version: 2.5 . asterisk version: 1.8 .

which files do you want me to post the contents of ?
it would be easier for me if you specify them.

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