ILBC download failing

I just attempted to fetch the ILBC codec support library (using the contributed script) to install The download appeared to succeed (at least, no error message was shown) but when
I tried to build Asterisk, the compilation failed due to missing files.

It appears that the “” site no longer exists. Google has moved the ILBC
source code to become part of their “WebRTC” project, and it’s apparently necessary to
download the WebRTC sources to get it.

The “” site no longer resolves. The domain registration for
ILBCFREEWARE.ORG was last updated on August 26, and the two WorldNIC
name servers which are authoritative for this domain are returning "server failure"
responses to lookup requests.

It appears that a different method of retrieving the ILBC source code for inclusion
in Asterisk builds may be necessary.

I simply copied the “c”, “h”, and “Makefile” stuff from my Asterisk 1.6 build tree
into, and it seems to have built OK.


I don’t know what that means for the licensing of the codec. I know that the new WebRTC iLBC codec is vastly different from the older one, so it’s not drop-in-and-compile compatible with Asterisk.

Anyone know if the old tarball is hosted by Google anywhere?

Good news!
There’s an approach listed in JIRA which works by getting the codec-files directly from, look at

There are patent, as well as copyright, licensing issues.

Yes, but as far as I understand, the approach linked is honoring these

I’d feel best about this if someone completed the task of porting the codec_ilbc in Asterisk to use the WebRTC implementation of iLBC.