Ignorepat 9

Hi people. I use Asterisk 1.6.x. And i want to use ignorepat 9 in extensions.conf. But i didn’t.
how can i use ignorepat in extensions.conf. Please write me example dial plan which in used ignorepat.

Someone know about it?

What don’t you understand in extensions.conf.sample? Note I only use SIP, so ingnorepat is not useful to me.

i want use in PSTN line

Noone do not use “ignorepat” in extensions.conf?
Generally how can i use somewhere?

The extensions.conf sample file explains it pretty well.

If you’ve got a channel type, e.g. DAHDI (NOT SIP) for which Asterisk generates dialtone, you can use ignorepat to ignore the receipt of a digit, to create the affect of continued dialtone after pressing 9, for example.

So, if you’ve got pattern matches that match beginning with 9 and you want to continue to generate dialtone after someone enters the 9 but is still entering digits, you’d use ignorepat with the 9 option.

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it’s no answer for my question. I know what is it ignorepat but do not know how use it

who can write how use it in anywhere, not only extensions.conf

i found good answer for this post
thanks all