ICMP port unreachable

Hi guys!!

I´m newbie with asterisk and after two days of reading and reading I can´t find a solution for my problem. I hope u can help me.

I´m working with Asterisk as SIP server for two BPL (Broadband over Power Line) modems with sip capabilities. This devices has to use the 8002 port for RTP and 5060 for SIP.

I have no problems with the SIP, and I can register them in the Asterisk box but if I make a call with them I can´t hear anything.

I give u more details. In this case, it´s a plain network, without NAT or anything else. Just a hub, the Asterisk and this two modems.

I have one phone connected with each modem, and also a softphone X-lite in my laptop wich is also connected to the same switch.

If I try to call from the X-lite to the modems, there is no problem. The problems appears when I try to make the call from the BPL modems. If I capture the packets between them, I can see all the time the same pattern. After the SIP packets, which seems to be ok, the modem starts to send one UDP packet to the X-lite phone, and receive an ICMP packet with the “port unreachable” message. I have heard about this problem but always bahind a Nat, in this case there is no Nat so I have no idea how to deal with.

I will appreciate very much your help and if need more details, please tell me.


I don’t quite understand what you’re actually trying to do. You say you’re using Asterisk as a SIP server for two modems. This doesn’t make sense. Modems don’t need a SIP server - phones do. Do the modems have built-in ATAs or something? If not, where does the phone come in?

You’ll have to explain clearly what your setup is.